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IEC 60502 medium voltages 11KV ABC Cable High Tension abc cable

Information Source:Huadong Cable Group-Zhengzhou Hongliang Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:13/09/2016



Conductor Screen :Extruded semi-conductive layer.

Insulation XLPE.

Insulation Screen: Extruded semi-conductive layer.

metallic Screen(optional): Copper wire screen or copper tape screen.

Separator Semi-conductive swellable tape.

Outer Sheath: HDPE.

Support Conductor: Galvanized steel wires.


ABC Power Cable has an Aluminum Alloy conductor with a XLPE sheath. 

ABC Power Cable usually has 3 cores plus neutral, the neutral can either be bare  or insulated and the cable can have a street light  of 25mm². 

ABC Power Cable is available in 600/1000V,  635/11kV or  12,7/22kV.  We stock 1 core, 2 core and 3 core Aluminum Alloy cable Aerial Bunched Kabel .


1.Stranded Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy conductor

2.PE or XLPE insulation

3.ACSR, AAAC,Galvanized steel wire Messenger wire

    3 power cores consisting of standard aluminum conductors, insulated with XLPE insulation

+ One sheath lighting aluminum conductor with XLPE insulation(optional)

+ One messenger Al-alloy conductor (bare or covered)

The purpose of messenger wire is

A) It acts as load bearing wire.


Construction Parameters              
IEC 60502 6.35/11 kV ABC for Overhead Distribution Lines              
Number of Cores 
x Nominal Cross Section
Phase Conductor Messenger Suspension 
Continuous current rating at 300C ambient temp
Stranding Nominal Sectional Area Maximum Conductor Resistance Stranding Nominal Sectional Area Breaking Load    
No.×mm^2 No.×mm mm^2 Ω/Km No.×mm mm^2 KN  A
3X50 + 1X25 19/1.78 50 0.641 7/3.0 50 60 116
3X70 + 1X50 19/.14 70 0.443 7/3.15 50 62 210
3X95+ 1X50 19/2.52 95 0.32 7/3.0 50 60 173
3X185+1X120 37/2.52 185 0.164 7/4.67 120 150 259
3X150 +1X50 37/2.25 150 0.206 7/3.15 50 62 365
3X240 +1X50 61/2.25 240 0.125 7/3.15 50 62 500


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