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  • 600/500V Airport Ligting Cable
    Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant1. Voltage: 600/5000 Voltage; 2. Conductor: Copper; 3.Shield: Cross-linked Polyethlene(XLPE)-5kv; 4Insulated: Cross-linked Polyethlen...
  • MV Aerial bundle cable
    Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant1.Voltage:10kv 33kv, conductor:galvanized steel wire messenger


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Product FAQ

Overhead cable application scope statement

Information Source:Huadong Cable Group-Zhengzhou Hongliang Cable Co., Ltd24 fiber  Release date:13/11/2013

An overhead cable is an electric power transmission line suspended by towers or utility poles. Since most of the insulationis provided by air, overhead power lines are generally the lowest-cost methodof transmission for large quantities of electric energy. Towers for support ofthe lines are made of wood (as-grown or laminated), steel (either latticestructures or tubular poles), concrete, aluminum, and occasionally reinforced plastics.

overhead cable classification by operating voltage

Overhead power transmission lines are classified in the electrical power industry by the range of voltages:

Low voltage – less than 1000 volts, usedfor connection between a residential or small commercial customer and theutility.

Medium Voltage (Distribution) – between1000 volts (1 kV) and to about 33 kV, used for distribution in urban and ruralareas.

The bare wire conductors on the line are generally made of aluminum (eitherplain or reinforced with steel, or sometimes composite materials), though somecopper wires are used in medium-voltage distribution and low-voltageconnections to customer premises. A major goal of overhead power line design isto maintain adequate clearance between energized conductors and the ground soas to prevent dangerous contact with the line.

overhead lines areroutinely operated at voltages exceeding 765,000 volts between conductors, witheven higher voltages possible in some cases.(ABC cable)

High Voltage (subtransmission less than100 kV; sub transmission or transmission at voltage such as 115 kVand 138 kV), used for sub-transmission and transmission of bulk quantitiesof electric power cable and connection to very larger consumers.

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