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Two phase SEU Power cable copper service Entrance THHN Core copper concentric neutral wire 6AWG Factory price

Information Source:Huadong Cable Group-Zhengzhou Hongliang Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:13/11/2017

Two phase SEU Power cable copper service Entrance THHN Core copper concentric neutral wire  6AWG Factory price


Product Description

Product Description:

This cable consists of compact stranded copper conductors individually insulated with a polyethylene jacket.  The assembly of conductors is protected by a gray polyvinylchloride (PVC) armor which combats corrosion due to rain, sunlight, chemicals, and other elements.  The PVC exterior also allows the cable to function in excessively moist or dry climates. The conductor can carry up to 600 volts and can handle temperatures up to 90°C.


Copper service entrance cable is used when power needs to be transmitted from the service drop to an individual residence or building.  The service drop occurs when primary distribution reaches the transformer where the voltage is lowered to a safer voltage or “utility voltage”.  The service entrance cable is then employed to carry the utility voltage into the home and to the meter base, then from the meter base to the circuit panel. 


-                In accordance with specifications set forth by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a compliance and regulations organization established over 100 years ago, this product meets standard 44 for thermoset insulators.  This standard is to ensure conductors are capable of handling at least 600 volts and also requires conductors to be able to handle temperatures up to 90°C.

-                The conductor meets UL standard 83, ensuring the conductor is in compliance with National Electric Code and ANSI/NFPA 70 for safe electrical design. 

-                Similarly, the conductor meets with Federal Specification A-A59544, deeming the product safe for industrial and commercial use.


  • Conductors

-           This product contains compact stranded copper XHHW-2 conductors or THHN/THWN, depending on the insulation type desired. 

  • Insulation

-           Conductors are insulated in a standard polyethylene jacket or cross-linked polyethylene jacket.  Insulation preserves conductivity and protects against corrosion from heat, dryness, moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements.

  • Stranding

-           The conductors in this product are compressed stranded.  Compressing the cables for stranding reduces the diameter of the cable by 9-10%, making the pulling process easier.

  • Jacketing      

-           The assembly is encased in a gray polyvinylchloride armor which further protects the conductors from corrosion from heat, moisture, dryness, and sunlight.   

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