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0.6/1 KV single or multi-core NFC Standard Ovehead ABC Cable

Information Source:Huadong Cable Group-Zhengzhou Hongliang Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:13/12/2017

Item name: 0.6/1 KV single or multi-core NFC Standard Ovehead ABC Cable 

1. Standard: NFC 33-209.
2. Phase conductor: Stranded All Aluminum 1350; AAC.
3. Phase conductor Insulation: XLPE.
4. Neutral conductor: All aluminum alloy.
5. Neutral conductor insultation: XLPE.
6. Lightning conductor: Stranded All Aluminum 1350; AAC.
7. Lightning conductor insulation: XLPE.
8. The Rated Voltage: 0.6/1KV.

Aluminum NF C 33-209 service bundled conductors are used for tributary networks of power buildings and their internal networks.
The bundled conductor cables have aluminum conductors, insulated with XLPE, they have good durability and thermal resistance.
Some other important cable characteristics are :
Ultraviolet radiation resistance,
Ozone resistance,
High dielectric strength,
Light and easy to handle.
The NF C 11-201 standard´s procedures determine the installation procedures for low voltage overhead lines.
These cables are NOT ALLOWED to be buried, even in conduits.
Neutral: 211 NF C 33-209 211 « manufacturing number », « metric marks » ink printed.
Phase 1, 2, 3 :
the identification number is printed and embossed on insulation.
Pilot wire n°1 : continuous white line is printed on the insulation
Pilot wire n°2 : no marking
Rated voltage : 0.6/1 kV
Test voltage : 4 kV AC
Resistance to voltage surges : 1.2/50µs with a positive or negative polarity and a peak value of 20 kV.

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