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  • 600/500V Airport Ligting Cable
    Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant1. Voltage: 600/5000 Voltage; 2. Conductor: Copper; 3.Shield: Cross-linked Polyethlene(XLPE)-5kv; 4Insulated: Cross-linked Polyethlen...
  • MV Aerial bundle cable
    Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant1.Voltage:10kv 33kv, conductor:galvanized steel wire messenger


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Individual+Overall screen instrument cable

1.Conductor: Copper/Tinned coppe,2.Shield: Copper Wire Braid, Al-foil Individual and Overall Screen,3.Inner Cover: PVC,

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Individual+Overall screen instrument cable feature:
Conductor: Copper/Tinned copper   Insulation: PVC/PE/XLPE
Shield: Copper Wire Braid, Al-foil Individual and Overall Screen
Inner Cover: PVC
Armour: Steel Wire Armored 
Sheath: PVC / ZR-PVC / PE / LSZH
Individual+Overall screen instrument cable description:
1.Instrument cable minimizes noise and signal interference,delievery clean  signal in harsh environment and general manufacturing operations.
2.Instrument cable have a maximun counductor temperature at 90 °c  and a low temperature rating of -40 °c. 
3.the cable jacket is resistent to sunlight ,moistureand vapour penetration. 
4.Instrument cable is avaiable in individually shielded pairs or triads with an overall shield construction in 300v and 600v. 
5.Instrument cable application : 
Instrument cable has a broad range of uses,particularly in the petrochemical ,pulp,paper and sawmill,and other process industries.
Instrument cable design for wet and dry locations ,it is resistent to mechanical damage and corrosive chenicals ,and it is often employed in raceways,direct burial and control applications .
Conductor :
1.Conductor: bare copper
2.Insulation: pvc/pe/xlpe
3.Individul shield: aluminum/polyester tape with drain wire
4.Overall shield : overall aluminum/polyester tape with drain wire
5.Inner sheath: pvc/pe/lszh
6.Armoured :galvanized steel wire armoured
7.Outer jacket: pvc/pe/lszh
Individual+Overall screen instrument cable parameter:
is os instrument cable-1

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