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  • 600/500V Airport Ligting Cable
    Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant1. Voltage: 600/5000 Voltage; 2. Conductor: Copper; 3.Shield: Cross-linked Polyethlene(XLPE)-5kv; 4Insulated: Cross-linked Polyethlen...
  • MV Aerial bundle cable
    Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant1.Voltage:10kv 33kv, conductor:galvanized steel wire messenger


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Individual screen unarmoured control cable

1.Voltage:300v/500v, 2.Conductor:Copper,3.Structure:Individual Screened Unarmoured Fire Resistant,4.Insulated:PE

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Individual screen unarmoured control cable feature:
Model Number: Individually Screened Fire Resistant Control Cables, Insulation Material: PE, Type: Low Voltage,Conductor Material: Copper
Jacket: PVC. Conductors: Tinned copper wire, Pairs, triples, quads,  Individual Screen: Aluminium/polyester tape + drain wire tinned copper
These fire resistant elastomeric insulated cables are designed for fixed wiring in ships and on mobile offshore units, suitable for use in instrumentation, lighting and control circuits where fire integrity is essential.
BS 7917; IEC 60331-31 Fire resistant; IEC 60332-3A Flame retardant; IEC 60754-1; IEC 60754-2 Corrosivity 
IEC 61034-2 Smoke density Cold bend and impact (-40°C) (on request) CSA C22.2 No. 38-95 (on request)
Conductor: Tinned copper wire stranded circular cl. 2 BS 6360/IEC 60228.
Insulation: Mica tape + PE according to BS 7655 1.2.
Lay-up: Pairs, triples, quads.
Individual Screen: Aluminium/polyester tape + drain wire tinned copper.
Sheath: Halogen free or PVC,LSZH,PE,   Mechanical and Thermal Properties:
Minimum Internal Bending Radius: 8×OD,     Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ +90℃
Individual screen unarmoured control cable parameter:
is unarmoured contorl cable-1
is unarmoured contorl cable-2

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